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FundsMonster.Club GROUP LIMITED WE CREATE MILLIONAIRES We are pioneers in inventing a system that can create hundreds of millionaires from ordinary people with humble beginnings. We do not feed you with a silver spoon, but we will provide you the services that you deserve. And that alone is GOLDEN. Special Offer !!Until 30 of MAY 2017

Make Any Investment Above 0.07 BTC will Multiply x100 times.

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Once payment is sent, you will be Paid in bitcoin using your Bitcoin Address (please add your Bitcoin Address in the comment section), you may also try one of our Investment Plans below for longer term investment experience. Sign-up Now!!!

WELCOME TO FundsMonster.Club


We work to maintain a reliable and consistent system, proven to be profitable with a good return.

Risk Mitigation

We follow very strict Money management rules, including lot size stop losses and risk to reward ratio.


We trade only with regulated brokers, that way you know that your funds will be secure with BitcoinMaxx.

Diverse System

Our system consists in more than 4 strategies, 2 scalpers, 1 for trend break out, 1 for trend reversal trading.

Company Plans

Plan 1120% after 1 day

Plan 2325% for 5 days

Plan 3550% for 10 days

Plan 4780% for 15 days

Plan 51055% for 25 days

Plan 62560% for 32 days

Plan 74000% for 55 days


The FundsMonster.Club FundsMonster.Club FundsMonster.Club Guarantee...

Two Pillars of our responsibility :

24x7 Support

We provide an efficient and prompt support to all our customers enquiries. Whatever the time and whichever kind of request, our customer support team is always ready to Help!

Guaranteed Profit

Using our proprietary methodology and years of experience in forex trading we are always able to beat the rules of difficulty & hence able to deliver a consistent ROI to our customers

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As soon as you log in for the first time you need buy a new contract and start your mining.

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You will get your profit every week. You can transfer this profit on your account.

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If you want to increase your profit you can purchase more Equity or use affiliate Program.