Castle Windsor: How to specify a runtime value as a parameter (E.g. value returned from static function call)

Castle Windsor: How to specify a runtime value as a parameter (E.g. value returned from static function call)

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I want to perform this CODE equivlant in the castle xml config file.

// Foo(string name)

IFoo f = new Foo(StaticBarClass.Name);


Now for the XML, I know everything (e.g. the blah) except for the stuff inside the parameter part.

What would the parameter part look like?

<component id=”blah”

runtime castle-windsor parameters

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James Curran

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One approach you could use is to replace the configuration parameters inspector with your own variant that can introduce some additional behaviour – here’s a quick prototype:

public class ExtendedConfigurationParametersInspector : IContributeComponentModelConstruction
#region IContributeComponentModelConstruction Members

public virtual void ProcessModel(IKernel kernel, ComponentModel model)
if (model.Configuration == null) return;

IConfiguration parameters = model.Configuration.Children[“parameters”];

if (parameters == null) return;

foreach (IConfiguration parameter in parameters.Children)
String name = parameter.Name;
String value = parameter.Value;

if (value == null && parameter.Children.Count != 0)
IConfiguration parameterValue = parameter.Children[0];
model.Parameters.Add(name, parameterValue);
if (parameter.Attributes[“type”] == “static”)
int lastIndex = parameter.Value.LastIndexOf(“.”);
string typeName = parameter.Value.Substring(0, lastIndex);
string field = parameter.Value.Substring(lastIndex + 1);
Type ownerType = Type.GetType(typeName);
FieldInfo valueField = ownerType.GetField(field);
value = (string) valueField.GetValue(null);

model.Parameters.Add(name, value);

foreach (ParameterModel parameter in model.Parameters)
if (parameter.Value == null || !ReferenceExpressionUtil.IsReference(parameter.Value))

String newKey = ReferenceExpressionUtil.ExtractComponentKey(parameter.Value);

model.Dependencies.Add(new DependencyModel(DependencyType.ServiceOverride, newKey, null, false));


public class ExtendedComponentBuilder : DefaultComponentModelBuilder
public ExtendedComponentBuilder(IKernel kernel) : base(kernel)

protected override void InitializeContributors()
AddContributor(new GenericInspector());
AddContributor(new ConfigurationModelInspector());
AddContributor(new ExtendedConfigurationParametersInspector());
AddContributor(new LifestyleModelInspector());
AddContributor(new ConstructorDependenciesModelInspector());
AddContributor(new PropertiesDependenciesModelInspector());
AddContributor(new LifecycleModelInspector());
AddContributor(new InterceptorInspector());
AddContributor(new ComponentActivatorInspector());
AddContributor(new ComponentProxyInspector());

public class ExtendedWindsorContainer : WindsorContainer
public ExtendedWindsorContainer(IConfigurationInterpreter interpreter)
: base(CreateKernel(), new Castle.Windsor.Installer.DefaultComponentInstaller())
if (interpreter == null) throw new ArgumentNullException(“interpreter”);

interpreter.ProcessResource(interpreter.Source, Kernel.ConfigurationStore);


private static IKernel CreateKernel()
DefaultKernel kernel = new DefaultKernel();
kernel.ComponentModelBuilder = new ExtendedComponentBuilder(kernel);
return kernel;

You could then wire up the properties in your container like so, where specifying a type of “static” for the parameter would cause the value to be replaced with the static field that was referenced by the parameters value.

<component id=”test”
<value type=”static”>SomeNamespace.SomeClass.TheStaticFieldValue</value>

Unfortunately you generally can’t do this through simpler means (such as the model created kernel event) due to the fact that parameters in the component model are immutable.

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You can’t set it up like that from xml alone. But you could use the factory facility to do this.

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