How to copy a table from one database to other database?

How to copy a table from one database to other database?

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10 years, 6 months ago

10 years, 6 months ago

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Using VB 6 and Access 2003

I want to copy a table from one database to other database.





Above, I want to copy the Table3 to Database-1

Expected Output


How to write a code?

Need VB6 Code Help.

ms-access vb6

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You don’t mention if you need just the table schema to be copied or the table schema and its data as well.

– Renaud Bompuis
Sep 3 ’09 at 10:56

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Using ADOX to copy the structure of the data would probably be the easiest way.

Dim sourceCat As New ADOX.Catalog
Dim targetCat As New ADOX.Catalog

Set sourceCat.ActiveConnection = connSource
targetCat.ActiveConnection = connTarget

Dim sourceTable As ADOX.Table
Set sourceTable = sourceCat.Tables(“TableName”)

Dim newTable As New ADOX.Table
Set newTable.ParentCatalog = targetCat
newTable.Name = sourceTable.Name

Dim sourceCol As ADOX.Column
Dim newCol As ADOX.Column

For Each sourceCol In sourceTable.Columns
Set newCol = New ADOX.Column
newCol.Name = sourceCol.Name
newCol.Type = sourceCol.Type
newCol.DefinedSize = sourceCol.DefinedSize
newCol.ParentCatalog = targetCat

newTable.Columns.Append newCol
Next sourceCol

targetCat.Tables.Append newTable

This is a fairly basic example, it ignores all indexes
and column properties (such as autoincrement).

A much more complete example can be found here.

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answered Sep 2 ’09 at 8:51


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Note that you’d have to add a reference to ADOX.

– Tony Toews
Sep 2 ’09 at 19:01

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Be aware that you cannot be sure you have extracted all of a table’s schema even when using both ADO (which you need for CHECK constraints, WITH COMPRESSION, etc) and ACEDAO (which you need for complex data types, etc).

Here’s an example of such a table:

Sub CantGetCheck()

On Error Resume Next
Kill Environ$(“temp”) & “DropMe.mdb”
On Error GoTo 0

Dim cat
Set cat = CreateObject(“ADOX.Catalog”)

With cat

.Create _
“Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;” & _
“Data Source=” & _
Environ$(“temp”) & “DropMe.mdb”

With .ActiveConnection

Dim Sql As String
Sql = _
“CREATE TABLE Test ” & _
“(” & _
” data_col INTEGER NOT NULL, ” & _
” CONSTRAINT data_col__be_positive ” & _
” CHECK (data_col >= 0), ” & _
” CONSTRAINT data_col__values ” & _
” CHECK ( ” & _
” data_col = 0 OR data_col = 1 OR data_col = 2 ” & _
” OR data_col = 3 OR data_col = 4 OR data_col = 5 ” & _
” OR data_col = 6 OR data_col = 7 OR data_col = 8 ” & _
” OR data_col = 9 OR data_col = 10 OR data_col = 11 ” & _
” OR data_col = 12 OR data_col = 13 OR data_col = 14 ” & _
” OR data_col = 15 OR data_col = 16 OR data_col = 17 ” & _
” OR data_col = 18 OR data_col = 19 OR data_col = 20 ” & _
” ) ” & _
.Execute Sql

Dim rs

‘ 5 = adSchemaCheckConstraints
Set rs = .OpenSchema(5)

MsgBox rs.GetString

End With

Set .ActiveConnection = Nothing
End With

End Sub

The output shows that while the definition for the constraint named data_col__be_positive can indeed be extracted, the data_col__values definition cannot (because it exceeds 255 characters).

So really the solution is to always retain the code you used to create and subsequently alter the table. For me, using SQL DDL scripts for the purpose make a lot of sense (I do not need the few features that are not creatable via DDL).

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answered Sep 3 ’09 at 13:07


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