What can i use to automate video snapshots

What can i use to automate video snapshots

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What command line util can i use to create a thumbnail preview of a video i made? I do not want a single thumb that windows make, i want a large jpg file that has 30 or less shots so i can preview the movie w/o running it.

I either need an app that can do a batch at once or a command line util so i can loop through a folder or w/e i need and feed it to the util. I was thinking of hacking up ffplay to do this, i dont know what i am getting myself into so is that recommended? (i used SDL many times, never its YUV settings nor with ffmpeg)


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How is this programming related, aside from you saying you were thinking about writing something for it?

– Cody Brocious
Jan 20 ’09 at 10:45

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You could use MTN. It can scan whole directories and create thumbnails for every video found.

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answered Jan 20 ’09 at 10:56

Sven LilienthalSven Lilienthal

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You can use ffmpeg to perform frame extraction, here’s how I’ve done something similar

ffmpeg -i my_input_video.flv -y -an -sameq -f image2 -r 1 my_frame_%05d.jpg

-i my_input_video.flv specifies the input file
-y overwrite output files
-an disables audio (we’re transcoding a video to a series of jpegs, we don’t need audio)
-sameq – use same quality as source
-f image2 sets the output format to image2 (an image sequence)
The -r parameter is the frames per second, so the above command will produce one jpeg per second.

Once you have your collection of jpegs, you can use ImageMagick montage command to build a montage image.

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Paul DixonPaul Dixon

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Use mplayer:

mplayer -vo jpeg -frames 1 your_file

Will extract the first frame.

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Media Player Classic can make a collection (it’s called save as thumbnail; with matrix i.e. 4×4), but only from a single file.

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Potplayer can automatically generate the thumbnails for a batch of videos in folders or even in subfolders. It just takes a few clicks.

Add all the videos you want to get thumbnails from to the playlist (You can do this by go to menu “Open-Open Folder…”)
Select all the videos in playlist and right click on them.
Select “Create Thumbnail Image(s)…” in pop-up menu.
Custom the output folder, number of Thumbnails, image size and other setting.
Click “OK”.

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answered Nov 27 ’18 at 7:56

Qin HeyangQin Heyang

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